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Pamela, I am so thankful to you and the ISR swim lessons! Tonight our two year old was at the end of the wharf at our family beach house with no lights on and fell into the very deep, dark water.  Because of our lessons with you he was able to come up to the surface and float until his dad was able to jump in and get him onto dry land.  Thank God for you and the hard work you do every day to save our kids lives! We love you! : ) - Jodi W.

On Christmas morning, Jonah escaped out to the pool area to play with his nebaseball set. None of us heard him until he came into the house soaked from head to toe.  He jumped in the pool to go after a ball.  We are thanking God that Jonah had ISR lessons last summer with Pamela McPherson.  The ISR lessons saved his life because he knew exactly how to exit he pool. Please, please tell your family & friends to find an ISR instructor in their area.  It saved Jonah's life and we are eternally grateful to Ms. Pamela. - Sabrina A.

I had been meaning to contact you for some time now, but as we send a 2 year old pool drowning victim from the ER to the ICU [Parent is a nurse], it has prompted me to write. On Halloween day we were so busy getting everyone ready to trick or treat in Gulf Breeze that it was sheer chaos. No one was watching anyone. Next thing I know, Reese says to me "Colin just fell in the deep end". As I look out the window to the pool, I see him come up, turn and grab the side and propel himself right out. He came to the back door crying, wet and cold. Had he not had ISR lessons and become the proficient 2 year old swimmer he is now, we could be those parents facing their very worst nightmare as I write this. We heard nothing that day, and a long while would have passed before we asked ourselves "where's Colin?". I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching the lifesaving skills Lauren and Colin now have mastered. I am eternally grateful. People always think it can't happen to them - but it can and in a heartbeat. Very Best Wishes - Heather A.

My husband and I were both shocked and amazed at how quickly our children ages 5 and 2 learned the ISR method. They were both swimming underwater so much faster than I ever imagined possible. Our 5 yr old especially had always been reluctant to put his face in the water, but with Pamela's enthusiastic praise he was gloating and showing off what he could do in no time. Pamela is really good with the children, encouraging and praising them every step of the way. I feel blessed that our children now know these life-saving skills and tell everyone I know about how our children learned ISR method. - Sharon R.

I enrolled my 2 year old son in the ISR program with Gulf Coast Swimfants in Mobile in the Spring of 2010. We have a swimming pool in our backyard and a very adventurous son, so I was always worried about him not knowing how to swim. After several weeks with Pamela, he feels confident and comfortable in the water, and can now swim to safety in an emergency. I am so grateful for everything Pamela has taught my son!  He’s a hard-headed little man and Pamela was so patient with him and worked with us until she knew he had it down. She is a terrific teacher who obviously cares about children and loves what she does, and she was always extremely dedicated and genuinely enthusiastic about seeing my son succeed in the program.  I can’t describe the peace of mind I feel knowing that he has these skills. Enrolling in the ISR program was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a parent of a small child and I’d recommend it to everyone! - Jennifer M.

I cannot say enough about ISR and Pamela McPherson/Swimfants, in particular. My 2-yr-old can swim, float, survive. It is absolutely amazing. You have turned me into ISR's biggest advocate. I am so grateful. Thank you! - Elizabeth H.
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